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Data Analytics Is On The Rise

Getting into big data analytics seems intimidating. It's a relatively new field, and there is much to learn. However, tools and training are coming out that help make it easier for people and companies to be successful. Take a look through this page to see how software helps data analysts and businesses shine. 

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Big Data Analytics


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Companies often struggle to harness the power of big data analytics.

That's what makes data analysts so important. 

Data analysts implement analytics tools, tell a story from the data gleaned, and ultimately, drive company decisions.

Working smarter and not harder means having a structure in place to generate big data analytics. The data analyst can implement software to aid data collection and reporting. Merely doing this puts the organization at an advantage because roughly 6 out of 10 organizations do not use technology to track, analyze, or monitor their supply chain. 

In addition to implementing software, data analysts have a vital role in using data to tell stories that resonate with leadership in order to allow them to make positive company changes. 

Keep reading to learn more about how data analysts help organizations work smarter.


  • Companies often lack the ability to harness big data analytics.
  • By implementing big data analytics, companies have better visibility into their supply chain.
  • Data analysts have a vital role in helping companies see results. 

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What Does It Take To Get Into Business Analytics Software?


The Typical Learning Curve

Navigating a new piece of software is intimidating. Even though you know what you're trying to do, you may find it difficult to get what you want from the tool. 

Get started quicker by make the learning curve for business analytics software more gradual than steep. 

A learning curve suggests that people become more efficient at a task the more times they perform it. In other words, the more you interact with software, the more familiar you become with it. 

Lessening the learning curve for new software can be done by getting a free product demo, seeing what the product can do for you, and communicating with your team. 

Free demos are one way to help get you comfortable with new software before you make a purchase. You can start to understand whether the software might be easy or difficult for you to use. Demos may be hosted by a vendor, or you may use the tool on your own in a sandbox setting. Either option allows you to get a first-hand look at the software.

For more information about how to lessen the typical learning curve for business analytics software, keep reading this article. 


  • Every new piece of software involves a learning curve.
  • You can take steps to reduce the size of the learning curve. 
  • One way to lessen the learning curve is with a free product demo. 

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The Best Analytics Tools to Supplement Your Performance


Technology Can't Do It Alone

Many of today's software products are powerful. 

However, they can't solve for all of an organization's pain points. They often focus on the features and not the person manipulating data within the software. 

A number of tools can supplement your performance, whether you're struggling in marketing, sales, or business intelligence. 

BI tools, in particular, help you sort through heaps of data to reveal relevant insights for your organization. This is often done through big data analytics, which connect your company's disparate systems together. As a result, you have a holistic, contextual understanding of your business. 

No matter what type of tool you have, you want to make sure to learn about and understand it. Getting smarter about big data, marketing, or sales may create a competitive advantage. 

To learn more about these tools and why you need them, read the full article. 


  • Today's software products are powerful.
  • The tool must help the person using it. 
  • BI tools help you understand your business.

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The Analyst's Role in Software Implementation


Analysts Are Essential

Just buying an analytics software package is not enough. 

Businesses must rely on data analysts to glean data from the software and shape that data into actionable insights for leadership. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says jobs for data analysts are expected to grow faster than average through 2026, and there are three reasons why.

For one, data analysts manage data collection. They will make sure to use the tool on a regular basis by digging through data, automating rote tasks, and creating meaningful reports for stakeholders. Software without the means to interpret it and use it will likely fail to provide a return on investment. 

Companies are plagued by issues with data quality, consistency, and availability, according to a 2017 article by the digital agency Cogs. Data analysts ease these issues by partnering with others in the organization to develop solutions. 

For the other two reasons why jobs for data analysts are expected to grow, keep reading.


  • Analytics software packages are good, but not enough to make an impact.
  • People who master analytics software provide much value. 
  • Data analyst jobs are on the rise. 

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The Definitive Analytics Tools List


Here Are The Top 10

Data generated by your business can quickly become hidden in silos without the proper analytics software. 

These tools, and the analysts who use them, can spawn insights that help stakeholders push the company forward. 

In this article, we look at 10 tools that help a variety of functions with an organization.

Google Analytics is a common tool used to track and report on website traffic. It is available on a freemium model, meaning that there are many features you can get for free, while others require payment. 

Excel is a spreadsheet program that helps store, organize, and manipulate data. You have more than likely used Excel in your career. 

Finally, our TADA platform creates a digital duplicate for your organization, providing a 360 view of your business. 

For the rest of the top 10 tools, please continue reading the rest of this article. 


  • Proper software helps you maintain visibility into your business.
  • People who use these tools have a role in helping you move your business forward. 
  • Google Analytics, Excel, and TADA are just a few examples of these tools.

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